JW Marriott Grand Rapids

JW Marriott in Grand Rapids is modern luxury hotel in downtown Grand Rapids that caters to young professionals, hosts events, and runs a dynamic restaurant. They approached Mighty in the Midwest in order to build a new website. Throughout the process I focused on a clean modern aesthetic to reflect the character of the hotel and their guests. In addition to highlighting the hotel’s conscientious service I paid special attention to providing interactive elements that respond quickly for mobile users. You can visit the JW Marriott site or see more on Dribbble.


VisitOps is a visit management company that provides consulting services and a new software package to help organizations manage corporate visits. They approached Mighty in the Midwest to help create a web presence that represented their new software offerings in their best light. I worked as the designer and developer on the project and worked with VisitOps to create a website that highlighted the software’s in-depth feature set in a context that the potential customer could easily understand. The website was built responsively with interactive elements that portray a lot of information without overwhelming the user.


Nucraft is a high design office furniture company with refined products and custom solutions for their clients. They approached Mighty in the Midwest to update the design of their website and highlight their products with a clear focused design. I worked on the project as designer and developer, collaborating with Nucraft’s internal team. The previous design was very clean and had served them well for many years so a major goal of the project was to embrace a modern aesthetic while taking advantage of modern web technologies and highlight their beautiful furniture on a variety of devices through a responsive design. Visit the Nucraft site here.

Amway Grand Plaza

The Amway Grand Plaza is a historic hotel in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has a rich history and serves as a destination for travelers, business people, conference attendees, and more. They approached Mighty in the Midwest, in partnership with kantorwassink, to design a new website for them and I had the opportunity to work on the project as designer and developer. Throughout the project we placed an emphasis on the beautiful photography from the hotel, chose refined color and typographic palettes, and created small elements of visual intrigue with animation and motion. Visit Amway Grand’s website or see more on Dribbble.


Hand2Hand is a charitable organization that connects schools with a local church. The church then provides food filled backpacks for needy students to take home over the weekend. With over sixty schools and forty churches partnered in western Michigan, the growing organization needed a new website that signaled to potential partners the effect they have already had and the seriousness they bring to their efforts to combat hunger in the community. The team at Mighty in the Midwest helped them build a site that will grow with them as they continue doing good.

Geekbench 3.0

Geekbench, from Primate Labs, is the premiere tool for capturing performance benchmarks on a variety of platforms and devices, used by tech enthusiasts, companies and reporters. Geekbench 3.0 was released in August 2013 with separate single and multi-core scores and new workloads that simulate real-world scenarios. I worked with the great team at Primate Labs to establish a new design that would establish a unique identity for Geekbench. Considering the timing of the release it was important to make the app fit in appropriately with Apple’s newly released iOS 7. It was a great project and it’s a great app, check it out.

Mind Vault

Mind Vault is my first iOS app and helps you memorize any passage of text.

I came up with the idea for Mind Vault shortly after my second child was born and the lack of sleep began to effect my thinking. Training my braining through memorizing inspirational passages seemed like a good idea. Quickly the implications of creating an iOS app became apparent. I set to learning Objective-C and the necessary Cocoa Frameworks on my ferry commute to and from work.

Over the course of nine months I went from no programming experience to launching Mind Vault: The Memorization Assistant on the App Store. The design process involved the interface, icons and website. Learn more about Mind Vault at the website or get it at the App Store.

Colman Dock

This is a video that I worked on with Push Design for AIGA Seattle’s Design Marks Week. The tongue in cheek tone and observational style was inspired by nature documentaries. Check out the rest of the videos created by design firms around Seattle.


Dr Gregory Keyes approached Push Design to the website for his local practice. As a community based business he needed his patients to have access wherever they were. I implemented and expanded the desktop design to make it responsive. You can see the site here.

Agency: Push Design

HealthPath Washington

HealthPath Washington is a Medicare/Medicaid Integration project for Washington State. They needed an identity for their proposal that reflected the diversity of the Medicare/Medicaid population and portrayed their humanity.

Agency: Push Design

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